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Hello and welcome to Tipstars! Here you will find daily updates, monthly rankings, historic results, tipster bios and the latest news on 194 tipster services across a range of sports. Combined with our unique Tipstars Index rating, this treasure chest of information will help you find the right tipsters for your betting style and portfolio, all designed to maximise your income from sports betting.

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Unique Index Levels the Playing Field

Our unique Tipstars Index rating allows you to compare tipsters with different styles and approaches using a standardised score. Our algorithm considers factors such as points profit, staking plan, return on investment, volume of bets and volatility to assess each tipster’s overall performance.

All About the Long Game

Betting on sports is not a get rich quick scheme. Profitability over the long-term is the key to success and identifying services that have a track record of long-term profitability is fundamental. Don’t be drawn in by one good month and don’t be put off by one bad one.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not only does everybody have different styles when it comes to gambling, they have different lifestyles too. So, when selecting a tipping service make sure it’s right for you. Use the individual tipster profiles to check the delivery time of tips, the type of bets, the recommended starting bank etc. If it doesn't fit move on to one that does.