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Joined Tipstars Mar 2018
Market Greyhound Racing
Membership costs £49.75 plus VAT = £59.70 per month
(Last checked 1st August 2019)
Introductory offers First 30 days money-back guarantee plus FREE copy of Greyhound Wealth Secrets (worth £47)
Average tips / month 30
Advised bank required 25
Average stake / bet 2.77
Normal delivery time Can vary, but usually before midday
Normal delivery method Email plus free text message
Lifetime stars Gold star 0 Silver star 1 Bronze star 1
The Top Dogs service is run by Steve Clark from Winning Online and uses the skills of a greyhound tipping expert referred to only as “The Dog Scientist”. Since starting to proof selections to Tipstars in March 2018 the service has amassed members a total of 168.22 points profit, with 11 of 13 months ending in the black (to 31st March 2019).

There are on average around 20-25 bets per month. Whilst there is greyhound racing in the UK seven days a week, often from 11:00 in the morning to close on 11:00 at night, “The Dog Scientist” focuses only on Open Grade races, hence the selective nature of the selections.

Whilst the majority of selections are win singles, Top Dogs does have doubles and even the occasional treble when there are two or three short-priced picks on the same day. Stakes are between one and five-points depending on “The Dog Scientist’s” perceived strength of the bet.

The timing of the tips email can fluctuate but it usually arrives before midday. There is not always an email to advise of “no bet” days. The e-mails themselves contain the track, race time, trap number, dog name, stake and the minimum target odds that should be taken. The odds used on the Top Dogs’ proofing pages on Tipstars are the best available odds we can find when the tips are received.

You can listen to my interview with Steve by clicking on the link on the left. As well as talking about Top Dogs, he also gives an insight into Winning on Line and his other current tipping service, The Winning Machine.

Here are some more key facts about Top Dogs and greyhound racing in general from Steve.

There's a staggering volume of dog races, seven days a week from 11 o'clock in the morning until sometimes 11pm. That's roughly 4,500 races involving over 25,000 runners per month! This explains why your typical dog punter finds it difficult to know which way to turn, which in turn makes the dogs very profitable for bookmakers.

I admit I was what you might call a 'greyhound snob'. As someone more interested in horse racing, football and other sports, I looked down on dog punters.

Through a contact of a contact (I'm very well connected within the betting world), I ended up speaking to a guy who used to be in charge of Betfair's greyhound markets.He confirmed that the high volume of emotional bets was the reason why a huge amount of money was sloshing around dog racing. Which meant a lot of opportunities for fast profits - you can cash out with winners in as little as 15 seconds!

Anyway, his vast bookmaking experience and the fact he's a full-time greyhound backer, layer and trader meant he wasn't making stupid, random bets. He was targeting only a small number of very specific races and making serious amounts of money. The precision and professionalism of his bets was incredibly impressive.

So, using every persuasion skill I knew, I convinced this former Betfair insider to join forces with me and allow me to share his specialist expertise with a controlled group of followers. Along with almost 25 years of offering the highest quality, most professional winning opportunities in partnership with the very best insiders and experts I can get my hands on, the upshot is I've put together the advisory service you now know to be Top Dogs.

The only way I can prove to you just how phenomenally profitable greyhounds can be... IF you know exactly what you're doing, is to offer you a 30-day, 100% refund and 15% off your membership fee for life.
As I've explained, the sheer volume of runners each and every day is overwhelming for most punters. Which is why my former head of Betfair's greyhound markets is so crucial to your success. You don't need any experience of the dogs and you don't need to take time out of your busy day for research or screen watching. My expert, and his strategically hand-picked high strike rate winners, take care of everything. He's got years of winner-finding experience and an extensive network of contacts.

But it wasn't easy convincing him to spill his secrets and share his precision bets. He's fiercely private and certainly doesn't want his name splashed everywhere, getting unwanted attention from the bookies, punters and rivals. His anonymity is critical because in the tight-knit dog world, his name is instantly recognisable. So I've had to promise never to reveal his true identity and instead use the alias of "The Dog Scientist".

But to give you a flavour of who he is and his outstanding credentials to supply you with constant winners, here's what I can tell you about "The Dog Scientist"
• Extensive bookmaking background and formerly head of Betfair greyhounds.
• Full-time professional backer, layer and trader.
• Encyclopaedic knowledge of UK and Irish dog scene. Greyhound racing is his life!
• Bred and owned dogs.
• Been involved with leading greyhound trainers.