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Joined Tipstars Oct 2018
Market Football
Membership costs £37 per month
£177 for the entire season
Prices increased from 11th February 2019
Introductory offers None
Average tips / month 26
Advised bank required 100
Average stake / bet 1.01
Normal delivery time Thursday for the weekend's Premier League matches
Normal delivery method E-Mail
Lifetime stars Gold star 0 Silver star 0 Bronze star 0
This month I’ve decided to let Ross give you the background to his Football Masters service and to how his love of sport has led him to the world of the tipster. You can also hear my interview with Ross by clicking on the link on the left.

Over to Ross.

Since a child, I have had a HUGE passion for sports.

In my teenage years, I played a wide variety of sports and was approached to go professional in five different sports, but due to injuries (mainly a torn cruciate ligament in my left knee), this dream was dashed!

But my love for sports is still strong - both in terms of form, tactical approaches and sports psychology which are all crucial to high performance amongst elite athletes.

This also gave me the idea to place the odd bet on outcomes of sporting matches.

I do not gamble big as I believe money management is crucial to success in any money-making venture. This was learnt and enhanced during my career in the finance industry in asset management and stockbroking.

I always advised clients to stake between 1-3% of your capital on any single trade (or bet) and to have a medium-to-long term approach rather than trying to seek that ONE big win for early retirement - it rarely works!

Having said that, I do like to place doubles bets which are statistically low in terms of strike rates but getting two teams or horses to win (across five or six matches or races for example) can produce healthy returns.

The key to this particular approach is that it's "fun" money that I am using.

In other words, I do not place large bets - just small simple stakes that could land £50-£100 should any two bets come through!

I am always spending some time testing different systems in horse racing, a few hours per week typically.
With my football bets, I rarely look at form or any other statistics.

I simply pick three matches each week which I can accurately predict and then only look at the teams’ last match score and where they currently are in the table.

That's it!

I then trust my gut instinct to come up with two possible scores for each of the three games.

I typically get a strong feeling as to the likely scores and then place my bets as both single bets and permed doubles which worked incredibly well during the 2017/18 season and which I decided to continue using having gone live for the 2018/19 season.

I had no thought of releasing this information to the general betting public, it just did not come to mind. However, after winning a Fantasy Football competition with my mates for the 2017/18 season (along with winning the Fantasy NFL and Fantasy F1) I decided to set up the football service at the start of the 2018/19 season.

And Football Masters was born.

All the profits are based on a simple one-point basis (with the exception of the Arsenal 0-2 Man City result on the weekend 11/12th August where I placed 2 points!).

Otherwise no complicated staking plans.

I prefer keeping everything as easy as possible!

This season started incredibly well with +61.03 points profit recorded from 11th August to 2nd December 2018 (Singles +50.5 points, Doubles +10.53 points).

However, every betting system has some low points and during the period 8th December 2018 to 20th January 2019, our profits for the season was reduced to +11.44 points.

Ouch! But hey it happens.

Since 29th January to 10th February 2019 (less than 2 weeks), our profits dramatically increased again, from +11.44 points to +75.62 points!

That's +64.18 points profits in less than 2 weeks thanks to the following winners...
Everton 1–3 Wolves (35/1) WON
Wolves 3-0 West Ham (16/1) WON
Arsenal 2-1 Cardiff (15/2) WON
Fulham 0–3 Man Utd (11/1) WON

I am expecting to finish the season with at least +100 points profit for the season.

So let's see what happens!

All of Ross’s selections since the start of October have been proofed through Tipstars and we can certainly endorse the amazing couple of weeks in late January/early February!