Independent proofing that reveals the REAL stars

Tipstars is an independent service offering proofing and verification of tips for the benefit of both tipsters and punters.

In a market that suffers from bad publicity through scams and misrepresentation, an independent view can be priceless to both parties. No longer will you have to trust advertised track records that may be inaccurate or lose out on custom because of the poor behaviour of others.

Focusing on longevity of service and long-term profitability is key for success, both as a tipping service and a winning punter. That’s why our historic database of verified results continues to build into an invaluable source of information. One month, good or bad, does not define a tipping service, but long-term performance does. That is where standard review sites fall down and where we stand up.

With our tipster league table, you can rank our huge database of services by whichever metric is most important to you (including profit, strike rate, ROI and our very own Tipstars Index Rating), meaning it’s never been easier to pick out a new service to follow or attract new members to you own successful service.

As well as providing up-to-the-minute results data, each tipster’s page also carries important service information to help quickly identify packages that best fit your betting approach and lifestyle. After all, a great profit is no good if the tips are sent out when you’re asleep!

All of this combined makes Tipstars the most comprehensive betting comparison site on the internet.

If you’re looking for a new service to follow you’ll never have to take a leap of faith again.

If you’re trying to promote a genuinely profitable service you’ll never have difficulty proving your credentials again.